Value-Added Services

Concierge services to help our clients differentiate and scale their operations

Capital Introduction

Complement your internal marketing and fundraising efforts through targeted introductions and needs-based explorations/discovery.

  • Leverage our network of single and multifamily offices, fund of funds, consultants, endowments, foundations, pensions, and seed investors
  • Marketable universe of 2,500+ institutional investors
  • Team is strategically dispersed geographically for effective local coverage
  • Unique opportunities provided to hedge fund clients to connect with institutional clients across Fidelity, such as Fidelity Family Office Services and Fidelity Charitable® Gift Fund

PB OptimizeSM

A fully integrated fintech platform that offers transparency, customization, and automation to meet the demands of a changing landscape.

  • Our portfolio finance optimization tools helped clients realize $475M in annualized savings in 20221
  • Market and proprietary data refreshed every 15 minutes for real-time decision-making
  • Minimize risks with visibility into counterparty exposures, fees, and broker financing performance
  • Data aggregation at the security and portfolio levels

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Trade Execution Services

We offer the breadth and depth of order flow essential to helping institutional investment managers achieve best execution.

  • Expansive liquidity network provided by Fidelity’s brokerage business lines 
  • Fidelity Capital Markets’ (FCM) trading solutions team offers service models tailored to meet varying client needs
  • Access trading platform through execution software or seamlessly integrate with your existing order management system (OMS)

Domestic Equities: Trade more efficiently using FCM’s electronic executive services and optimize your trading strategies with a wide range of exchange-traded stock and index options.

  • Advanced algorithmic execution and trading strategies
  • Sophisticated and anonymous crossing network for trading confidentiality
  • Extensive liquidity reach 
  • Automated execution services for today’s global markets

International Equities and FOREX: Take advantage of FCM’s International Desk, which employs a variety of trading strategies, including program and algorithmic trading in more than 40 countries.

  • Trade foreign currency through Fidelity FOREX Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fidelity
  • Gain access to more than 20 currencies for more than 25 countries at competitive exchange rates
  • 24/6 staffing coverage to meet client needs

Cash Management Solutions

Solve for liquidity requirements, strategic goals, and risk tolerance with cash reinvestment options available through FCM.

  • Institutional money market funds
  • Short-duration fixed income products
  • Customized solutions to complement cash segment strategies and meet short-term and long-term strategic liquidity needs

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