Fidelity Prime Services: Browser Requirements

Browser Requirements

To benefit from the highest level of personal information security and to utilize many of the features and functions of the Fidelity Investments Prime Services Company web site, your browser must meet the following requirements:

 Type and version  Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater (Windows)
Note: We do not support beta versions of any browsers.
 Browser encryption:   128-bit encryption browser is recommended 
 You must enable:   JavaScript

To determine your browser type and version:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Open the Help drop-down menu and select the last item in the list, generally titled About xxx where xxx is your browser type.
    Result: Information about your browser displays; version number is in the page heading.

Browser Encryption

In an effort to provide the highest degree of confidentiality and security for your clients' personal financial information, Fidelity strongly recommends the use of 128-bit encryption browsers. Encryption is the process for scrambling your trading and account information as it passes between Fidelity and your computer. The encryption process is built into most Internet browsers. The larger the number of bits for encryption (e.g., 40 or 128) the more difficult (exponentially) it is for an unauthorized person to unscramble the transmission. The highest level of encryption commercially available is 128-bit and is a more secure way to access your Fidelity information.

Because many commercial browsers currently in use only support 40-bit encryption, Fidelity has decided to allow our customers the choice of using 40-bit or 128-bit encryption access but strongly urges the use of 128-bit browsers. Fidelity will not be responsible for any losses resulting from unauthorized transactions if Fidelity follows reasonable security procedures designed to verify the identity of the user. Fidelity recommends that you verify the accuracy of your confirmation statements immediately after you receive them.


JavaScript (not to be confused with Java) is a scripting language that is used to enhance the interactivity and dynamics on Web pages. This language allows such features as calculations, writable forms, special effects, and customized graphics selections. Some of the investment tools found on Fidelity Investments Prime Services Company and affiliated web sites are written with JavaScript. For more information about Fidelity's use of JavaScript, contact an Account Manager at 888-595-0590 for assistance.

Enable JavaScript


A cookie is a block of text that a Web site sends to your Internet browser. The cookie text that Fidelity stores and sends to you is for personalization and security features on your Fidelity Prime Services web site account. Fidelity Investments Prime Services Company web site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt your personal information as it travels across the Internet, and the cookies help ensure that any account information you retrieve or submit is transmitted only to your browser.

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